Blogger VS WordPress, Which Is the Best?


Blogging is now one of the mandatory activities carried out every day for some people, especially for those who frequently interact with the internet. The motivation of people to write on the blog also varied, some of them only wanted to make a blog as a personal diary to share life experiences, as a medium for sharing ideas with everyone up or as a medium to find the extra money, even as his main livelihood.

If we talk about the blog, we will definitely choose what blog platform that will be used. Today, there are some blog platforms that you can use for free, but among the various platforms that exist, two of the most popular Google’s Blogspot or commonly called by Blogger and WordPress. Both these blog platforms are now ranked as the top favorite blog platforms which are the most widely used. In addition to a wide range of conveniences as well as many free blog templates are available.

Usually the first blog platform options that are in use by a blogger will be his favorite platform for a long time, unless the person is finding sufficient constraints some day. At first the author uses Blogspot to learn blogging but the author’s needs cannot be accommodated by one blog platform only, actually what is the strength of Blogspot and Wordpres and who is the best? For this we will discuss the comparison of Blogger versus WordPress with the following criteria:

  • Dashboard
  • Theme customization
  • Image storage
  • Ad
  • Plug in
  • Widget variation
  • SEO Friendly


Currently Blogspot display has a new dashboard, the author felt this new dashboard is easier to use and more responsive because it has been using the AJAX technology, but to be able to enjoy this new dashboard, the java script on the browser should be in a state of active. On the other hand, the dashboard display in use by WordPress has not experienced many changes because it does not allow a user to adjust to the new dashboard. If you do not like the dashboard changed a lot so it is easier to adapt, then WordPress is a platform that is right for you.

Theme customization

To enhance the look of blogs many Bloggers replace the theme with their own design or from templates available on the internet. For those of you who have more capabilities in programming, website templates for Blogger can be changed in such a way up to the roots. The look of the blog on WordPress should only be changed if you are using WordPress self hosting that you host on your own server, if you are only using the free service from WordPress you will only get some standard templates that you can use.

Image storage

Image storage provided by Blogspot in one account is 1 GB. Bloggers also have no specialized dashboard to view any files that you have uploaded before, so you might be a bit difficult to find a picture or your old photos. Hence, if you connect Blogger with your Google+ account, then all images which are under the size of 2048 x 2048 pixels and video with duration under 15 minutes will not cut the free storage space that you have. For WordPress, image storage space is up to 3 GB, and the dashboard has also been providing appearance to search your old pictures you have uploaded.


For advertising, Blogger is easier to use because it is a subsidiary of Google so you can easily place an ad from Adsense on your blog, where you will be paid for every person who clicks on ads which appear on your blog. You can make it as one of the ways to earn money. On the other hand, the policy of WordPress to prohibit advertising in each account may be somewhat complicate you. To be able to put an ad on your own blog, you can use WordPress self hosting.

Plug in

For the matter of the number of plug ins which are available, WordPress is still superior to the Blogger. The SEO plug ins on WordPress makes SEO very practical. In contrast, the Blogspot owner should edit HTML if he wants to do the SEO settings. This might be very troublesome especially for beginners who do not know how to edit HTML code. Hence, if you want to learn about coding, you can try Blogger.

Widget variation

Nowadays more and more developers create widgets for Blogger. Hence for the comparison, the number of widgets which are compatible for Blogger is greater than widgets for WordPress. However any blog platform you will use, do not apply too many unnecessary widgets because it will make your blog loading becomes longer. This is very ineffective because it will hinder robot explorers and make the visitor get bored waiting.

SEO friendly

In terms of practicality, it can be inferred that WordPress is superior because it has a plug in for SEO needs. Admittedly this plug in greatly facilitates the process of optimization on page. Blogspot users should do HTML editing, and this really can be confusing for beginners. In terms of ranking, no one is stronger because all are judged according to the same criteria by Google and it depends on the webmaster that can hold the best settings that meet the quality standard of Google.

Those are some explanation of the comparison between Blogger and WordPress that you should know before creating a blog. If we see the advantages and disadvantages of each blog platform, maybe we cannot say who is the best, but it is more appropriate if we choose in accordance with the purposes. If you want a blog whose template can be replaced easily and seek additional income through advertising you can use Blogspot. For you who want the ease of use you may wish to create WordPress blog. For further please do not hesitate to try and practice directly, because by practicing you yourself will feel the advantages and disadvantages of both the above blog platform.

How to Build a Blog for Product Marketing (Affiliate Program)


As a blogger, you can take advantage of your website or blog for online business by joining affiliate programs. Anyone can conduct this business over the internet to increase revenue because there is no fixed schedule to do this job. That must be mastered in advance surely is skill to operate or run a blog and there are currently many amenities that could be use to create a site. Thus, whatever you have spare time then it can be used to earn income from the internet.

Online businesses are quite diverse and numerous options that can be tailored to the interests and skills. If you want to join online business without much capital, you can join affiliate program. This program enables us to promote or market some products from various companies. Almost all online stores today have affiliate programs and the opportunities are open for anyone. You can choose the products that will be introduced or promoted on the web or personal blog to get potential consumers which is willing to buy the product.

Arguably, one of the online businesses that can be pursued without capital as well as has great commission is affiliate program. A diverse commission is based on the agreement set by the product owner. Hence you should be careful in choosing because there are also scams that impersonate online business. This affiliate program does not require a great initial capital because in principle you are just promoting other people’s products. If you are interested to join this business, the following are the steps:

  • Register to affiliate program
  • Select profitable products
  • Build a blog

Register to affiliate program

There are many affiliate networks that is available on the internet. This is not a difficult job for you to start this business. Just by signing up to the affiliate program, you can then join as affiliate marketers. In order to choose the right affiliate program, when you have found a product or other services which opens the opportunity to join the affiliate then look for advance information about the business so that we know whether the company or store is a reputable or not. Expand knowledge and insight into the world of online and affiliate business by joining forums and communities that share their experiences about it.

Be aware of the regulations given by the affiliates and the amount of the commission which will be given. Although great commissions are very tempting, but be careful because it can be used as opportunities to commit fraud. Make a note of each commission paid by affiliate companies that interest you. Consider also whether there are any additional commission you get out of the deal. Some companies provide a lot of marketing tools but there are also companies that provide a link only. Links are not enough to market a product. You should choose the company that owns some reviews on the advantages of their products, the graphics that you can upload to your site, or any other materials that can help you to promote their products.

Select profitable products

After joining affiliate network, you must choose the product which is profitable. Generally, products that have high demand in the market are profitable. Specify the market first and then choose a specific product from the market. Do not choose a very full market, on the other hand, you should choose the market in which you already have the background knowledge about it that will help you to understand more about the markets and affiliate products.

Build a blog

The most powerful method to get traffic in the long term is by building a blog. Then try to write articles related to your product. Write at least 2-3 articles per week. Create articles that directly discuss the problem of your visitors and show an affiliate product as the solution. Thus, your blog will slowly draw visitors who are really searching for your products through search engines because they have a real problem that can be solved with affiliate products. In this way, you get more traffic and the possibility of making more sales, and in the end you will get a commission from each product you sell successfully.

Certainly in managing a web or blog, you are also required to have expertise in gaining blog popularity so that you can get prospective consumers of internet users. In general the internet users will find information by using the services of a search engine and currently the most popular is Google. You can maximize a website or blog in order to get a good position on the SERP by relying on a strategy commonly known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

You can build a blog authority by way providing a useful article which is published on a regular basis. Participate in forums related to market and connect the link to your blog. Do not forget to write comments on other related blog. The strategies in building a blog and get the appropriate target buyer are:

  • Using Google Adwords
  • Creating a Facebook page and a link to the product page
  • Directing traffic through Facebook Ads
  • Managing your Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers
  • Providing affiliate links to your various social networks

You can learn from the more experienced bloggers about how to maximize a business oriented blog. One of the things you need to remember that do not do spamming on other blogs by attacking them with a variety of promotional links. This will interfere with the other blog owners and violate the rules of search engines such as Google which resulted in the removal of your blog from the SERP.

When you have been successful with one marketing blog, you may go to other markets and follow the same steps. Be sure to avoid previous mistakes and do the best approach to attract more buyers. In this way, in a short period of time e.g. 6 months, you will have some profitable affiliate blog. You can just do the maintenance and making money for the long term.

Detecting SEO Over Optimization on Your Blog

Over Optimization

To get the attention of Google, most bloggers should optimize the website that they manage. It may be done through coding of some HTML, promotion in social media and much more. But did you know? If you do too much optimization to your website, it will result in worse and not getting up. The effect of too many SEO optimizations which is done can also cause a website kicked out of Google search results.

If you have a blog that performs the optimization in terms of SEO, then you will realize that Google does not like website with excessive optimization activities. By launching the latest algorithm regularly, Google tries hard to present a qualified search results to its users. Google is also lowering the number of spam blog by deleting it from the list of search results because it considered doing over optimization.

SEO over optimization is not a good for your blog. If you frequently use that way, then immediately stop it. There are some bloggers who have found faults in the Google’s algorithm, and exploit it by doing excessive optimization. This fault will always exist in any algorithm which was launched but when the new algorithms appear, it will correct the fault. We can conclude that this fault is not immortal and the cheating will be recognized soon by the latest algorithm. Over optimization may be winning the battle for specific keyword, however this will not last longer.

In the beginning of 2012, Google has been punishing some sites that do too much SEO optimization. If a few years ago people who do black hat SEO techniques will easily crawl up into the first Google rank, then after the year of 2012, Google will attempt to give good rankings to sites that provide qualified and unique content, and not through SEO techniques that are dirty. Some of the things classified as SEO over optimization are as follows:

  • Keyword density
  • Cloaking and hidden text
  • Duplicate content
  • Bad inbound links
  • Too many interlinks
  • Too many redirect page
  • Pop up

Keyword density

Using too many keywords in the title, sentences of the article, and meta description is considered over optimization, because putting more keywords is an effort to gain the attention of the search engines. Google has been aiming for sites that have a high keyword density reaching 2-3%. This amount is considered excessive and will degrade the quality of an article because of the many keywords imposed on the sentences so that it is not easy to be read by the visitors.

Cloaking and hidden text

Cloaking technique is one of the black hat SEO techniques which should be avoided. Cloaking is hiding some content from the search engines or displaying the text variations to the search engines but when it is shown to the readers, the contents did not match the text that exists on the search engines. This technique is usually conducted by phishing or promotional sites. Hidden text is also one of the SEO techniques that are not allowed. This technique is by disguising the text color with the background of the blog. For example the selected blog background is blue, and then the blog owner is also using the blue color on one of the text in his post, so that the reader cannot read it. Inadvertently, the visitor will probably click the hidden text or link and be directed to a page that they do not expect. To view hidden text, you can block all content of a site.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content is often done by bloggers who are not able to write more qualified content so they duplicate the old content that they have. In this way, existing content on a blog looks more in number but the essence presented is exactly the same. Google seems to have been able to recognize some blogs that do this fraud. You should avoid this over optimization especially if you duplicate content from another blog without permission.

Bad inbound links

Inbound links can be interpreted as a link to our website. There are some bloggers who make many blogs to supply links to their main website with the technique of auto blogging. Auto blogging is a blog that posts updates automatically without copying the content from the others because it uses feed, which is subscribe to articles on the blog that you want to retrieve and then make some anchor text that directs to the main website. If there are too many anchor text in an article, it will be considered as SEO over optimization.

Too many interlinks

We often find a post that uses too many interlinks. Even, the link given leads into the post itself. Interlink itself is a kind of link that when we click on that link, we will be directed into other post but still within the same blog, not out to other blogs or could also go to the home page of the blog. Installing interlink is recommended but if you put up interlink which return to the post, it is preferably reduced because it is not useful for the visitors.

Too many redirect page

Redirect pages are needed when there is an error page. Hence, if you redirect a page just to get money from advertising, then you should be ready when you get a rank reduction from Google. This is because too many re-directions will make your blog be considered spam by Google. Thus, do redirection only if you need it.

Pop up

Pop up is also not recommended because it is one of the actions considered spam and reducing the number of visitors on our blog. Usually we get fooled by a pop up button there, when we want to close these ads, we are thus diverted to other blogs because of the close button which has been modified. This type of fraud is typically associated with advertising programs that are followed by the owners of the blogs. The floating pop up which covers the article also would deter visitors who want to read the article so they move to blog without pop ups.

The Comparison of Google and Yahoo


Google and Yahoo are two search engines which are competing to provide the best search results for users. Despite the current dominance of Google is getting hard to beat but it seems that Yahoo team still has not given up and continue to improve the its algorithm system. The web developer can also compete to maximize their website in order to get first position on the SERP of each search engine. Even though both have the same function, but we can still find some fundamental differences i.e.

  • Indexing speed
  • Refresh
  • Design and speed of access
  • Search result

Indexing speed

Each search engine will definitely make the process of indexing on every page of the website. Pages that do not undergo this process will not appear on the SERP. It is certainly be a lost to the owners of the websites for visitors will never get into their sites. To be indexed, website owners need to ping each search engine web directory. If we compare those both search engines, then Google is able to index faster than Yahoo.


After the bloggers get the first position on the SERP, then they must continue to defend it because every day there is a new website with the same keywords and trying to seize the position. Algorithms are always updated to make the search result be more relevant. It will be better that old SEO techniques are not used any more because it is not compatible to the development of the latest algorithm. When viewed from there fresh of each search engine, then Google is the fastest. This means competition for occupies the first page of the SERP is more difficult than other search engines. Yahoo refreshes not so often. That the webs tend to be more stable.

Design and speed of access

The design is one aspect that is considered by the user. They do not like the design that is too complicated because they will be directed to a website with a quite complex view. They want to search quickly without preoccupied with the design of search engines. If you like something simple, then Google is the winner. In addition, Google also has speed access so users will not feel bored of waiting while the search results are displayed. Yahoo has a look that is a little more complicated than Google. In addition,a longer access time is also often expressed by the visitors.

Search result

The first thing users look for is a website which presents content with high quality. Website that only contains a collection of ads and keywords is typically less noticed by the user. This is catered by Google with the release of increasingly sophisticated algorithms which can choose the best content to be given to the information seeker. Yahoo on the other hand emphasizes the commercialize thus making it lags behind Google. If we talk about the relevance of the search results, then Google became the best and there is no search engine that can surpass it. Thus, we can conclude that Google is more superior to Yahoo in some aspects.

8 Illegal Activities That Harm Your Blog


From all existing publishing platforms on the internet, Google Blogger is the most popular one. Millions of blogs created on Blogger so that add to the knowledge and information that we can get on the internet. This is a free service designed for communication, expressing ourselves, and freedom of speech. But in line with it, Google has a duty to enforce the rules, security and quality for its users. If a blogger breaking Google’s guidelines, Google will take decisive action on the blog to protect other users.

Many people ask why their blogs stopped or deleted, even when they do not seem do anything wrong. Along with the development of new algorithms, Google is becoming increasingly sensitive to a variety of violations committed by the bloggers. In this post we will discuss anything that runs counter to Google’s policy and what the things that should be avoided in order to secure our blogs such as:

  • Post about hatred and violence
  • Illegal things
  • Adult content
  • Copyrighted material
  • Violate the privacy
  • Impersonation
  • Malware
  • Spam

Post about hatred and violence

An article that discusses about the hatred is something that is very common on the internet but not very appreciated by Google. Promoting racism and hatred against certain ethnic or religious groups is a crime and is not tolerated by Google. This world’s largest search engine has been used by many people from different geographical and demographic group. Promote violence in your blog will not be suitable for many people, especially children who are easily influenced. Promoting violence against specific groups belongs to racism that is also not allowed by Google.

Illegal things

Making content about any illegal things such as drug or alcohol use is illegal. The general rule is if you get in trouble by talking about something in front of the police, then most likely it is also forbidden and will be punished. One of the activities that included illegal download link is to spread other people’s work without permission. It belongs to the category of theft you should avoid.

Adult content

Google has some strict punishment against pornography and adult content. Although Google does not directly threaten this, you still need to mark your blog as an adult from your Blogger setting, otherwise it will not be treated any differently. Google however does not allow you to earn money from adult content. Google also has zero tolerance when viewing any content that might manipulate or harm children. It is firmly opposed to child pornography and pedophilia. Google will terminate the account of any bloggers who promote things like this.

Copyrighted material

No one likes the work that they make with hard earned was hijacked by irresponsible people without permission. Google has a fairly effective system to solve this problem as soon as possible. First of all, the content which is taken from other blogs without approval will have a lower rank and lower suspension also from Google AdSense for that site. Continually plagiarism will result in removal of the blog. The copyright holder can also report the plagiarist directly to Google so that if you are using the work of others ask permission and give credit to the original owners.

Violate the privacy

Please do not publish confidential details of a person without that person’s permission. Posting other people’s credit card numbers, contact information, phone numbers, and other personal information are very contrary to the policies of Google and you should leave those activities. If you are the owner of social networking accounts, you should not unlock your privacy blatantly because certain information you share may be a boomerang for you. Many cases of crime happened in a cyber world through the misuse of social networking accounts because the user does not restrict the information they give to their friends.


Stealing other people’s identities and imitate a person is a crime that cannot be tolerated. For example, pretend to be someone else to cheat other people. This activity is not only done by emulating someone but also imitating an institution or company. One example is an impostor who made a mock website to trick the bank costumer or the user of service provider of cell phone. It also could result in blocking done by Google.


Viruses and malware is not something that is appreciated by the users. That is why Google took the initiative to keep malware out of the system. If your site is infected with a virus you should check it out soon. It can be conducted by running internet antivirus. Blogs that are alleged to contain malware will usually get a warning if you try to access it. The spread of malware via a website is so quickly that Google is trying to close websites that are already infected. If you are involved with spreading the malware more than once, then you are inadvertently take the risk and would be exposed to Google’s banning.


Spam is something hated by Google or another search engine. Google issued an update algorithm regularly and starts to remove spammers from the blogging world. Spam is usually done in the form of spreading of promotional links in the comment box on a website. If the number is too many, it will certainly affect the blog as well. Spam link containing porn or gambling content will make the visitors refuse to comment while simultaneously lowering the credibility of blog in the eyes of visitors and search engines.

There may be some exceptions to this rule with regard to education, scientific, or artistic considerations. An exception is made when there are benefits derived by the people from the information. Otherwise, the content blog will be banned or deleted. However, you should still abide by any rules that are written in the terms of use that are displayed when you first want to create a blogger account. Most people are lazy to read all of Google’s policy but if you want a blog that you build safe from the action of deletion, it does not hurt to take the time to understand the terms.