Easy Tips to Streamline Alexa Rank

A high ranking is one of characteristics of a quality blog. This rank can be measured through the Google page rank where the highest numbers indicate that the blog is credible. In general, these blogs can bring a lot of visitors as well as attract advertisers to put their ads. Besides Google page rank, there is one of the ranking systems widely used by the web administrator which is Alexa rank. The following is a further explanation of the grading system.

Alexa rank is a site of ranking system which is based on several criteria. You may visit it on Alexa.com, which is one of the subsidiaries of Amazon.com. Unlike Google, which is calculates the rank from the number of qualified backlink, Alexa rank is primarily based on the number of traffic received by website within a three-month period. Data received from the meta key that has been embedded in a website such as Alexa toolbar, as well as from other sources. In this system, a website which has a rank above 100,000 is considered not reliability. That is why a lot of bloggers are trying to streamline his blog’s Alexa rank.

If you want to want increased rapidly Alexa Rank quickly, there are several ways that can be done. Note the following explanation:

  • First, you have previously registered on Alexa.com.
  • Immediately download and install Alexa toolbar in your browser which available for IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome and visit your blog as often as possible.
  • Install Alexa widget. This widget will interact with system updates of Alexa statistic.
  • Set up your blog as the homepage in the browser.
  • Alexa rank is based on traffic statistics so that the largest rank is the traffic. With the greater traffic, you can get the higher rank.

There are requirements you must meet in order to increase the number of traffic. You have to write original and high quality article. Make sure that the content is always up to date since the readers look for newest post in your blog. Every post must be indexed properly by search engines like Google to facilitate the search by the users. If these tips are run consistently, then you can increase Alexa ranking easily and rapidly.

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