The Importance of Google Page Rank

There are a lot of terms used in the blog world. One of them is Google page rank. It is information about our website’s rank in the Google page on a scale of 1 to 10. As we have already known, the Google is one of the most widely used search engines by internet users because the search results are more accurate and have the number of integrated features. That is why the Google page rank becomes one of the considerations to assess the credibility of a website.

Actually Google Page Rank is almost same with Alexa rank. They both provide information about blog ranking but there is a difference. The best rank in Google page rank is 10. On the other hand, 1 is the best rank in Alexa. Well-known websites such as Facebook have a good rank, while some new blogs do not have rank in Google yet. You can simply check your Google page rank by visiting Enter URL of your blog on the tool at this site. If your blog has N/A or zero rank, that means you have to do a lot of efforts in SEO.

Not all of the webs get a good rank in Google. In fact there are many sites which still do not have a rank. If your site has not got a web rank in Google, there may be several contributing factors, namely:

  • You rarely update your blog.

Blog which rarely publishes new content will gain lower rank or even does not own it.

  • The blog is still new.

The most recent webs do not have a lot of visitors and the number of post is still slightly

  • The site is banned by Google.

Blog has been blocked by Google may not be able to get good grade. This ban could happen because the blog is considered as junk or spam.

Websites that have had Google page rank can be interpreted as blogs that gain trust of Google. It may also attract the advertisers to attach ads on your site. If your blog does not have a good page rank, you should improve the rank by applying SEO, find more backlinks, and update articles continuously.

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