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White Hat SEO: How to Lower Alexa Rank


Alexa Rank is a site located at www.alexa.com, which provides information about the rank of a site, based on the number of incoming visitor traffic to the site. The greater the traffic, the rank will be higher a high and vice versa, it is very important to note by a blogger who want to make their site as a business. Alexa Rank has rank value from the smallest that is the number one to the value of millions which in the calculation system in Alexa Rank, the smaller the value of Alexa Rank of your site, the better for your site. This value is somewhat different from your Google Page Rank, where the larger the rank then the better the position of the blog.

How important is the Alexa Rank?

The important of Alexa Rank on the website depends on the owner of the site, when the site you are creating is aiming to earn some money, then the site rank in Alexa Rank is mandatory you estimate, because the Alexa Rank of your site describes that your site is popular and resulted in numerous advertiser who wants to put ads on your site, but if the site you create is just for sharing information, of course, Alexa Rank is not so important.

Alexa rank also affects visitors or readers of your blog, if your Alexa Rank is nice, of course they will be more enthusiastic and loyal to the blog and readers will be increasing. There are several kinds of advantages that can be obtained by the owner of the blog that has small Alexa Rank:

  • Sell ad space
  • PPC ads
  • Get paid per view
  • Review blog
  • Sell Redirect

Alexa rank is often used as measuring instrument and consideration of the advertiser before deciding to outsource or not. The advertiser prefers blogs that have organic traffic compared to paid traffic. Alexa rank much hunted the bloggers that make his blog a money machine through a program of advertising especially advertising in the form of a banner. Alexa consumers mostly from companies that would like to know how the performance of their websites on the internet and companies that often renders the web that can be used to advertise their products.

The tools in in the Alexa.com can also be used as a tool to analyze the performance of your website in trawling visitors, as a tool for market analysis by spying the competitors and many more functions of Alexa rank which are all related to online marketing. How to shrink the number of Alexa is using website whether optimization, advertising programs or the techniques of SEO optimization. There are various ways that can be used to minimize the number of Alexa that is as follows:

  • Enable 404 dead link using redirect 301
  • Buy expired domain
  • Semantic SEO
  • Unique content
  • Internal link building

Enable 404 dead link using redirect 301

This is a very effective way to increase the number of visitors quickly. The trick is to enable a 404 Page Not Found on another blog and redirecting to blog that you manage. How to get it? Of course you have to browse using the keywords you want to find 404 page not found then contact the webmaster of the blog to request a redirect dead link to your site. The second way to find dead links is by using a scanner found in some SEO software.

Buy expired domain

Have you ever clicked on a web page that already has content through Google but found was a page that is in a domain that has expired. If the domain has a high popularity, why do not you try to able it again? The trick is to contact the admin domain owners. Hence, you have to spend a little money to renew the domain.

Semantic SEO

Semantic is associated directly or indirectly with other things for example if your blog contains about Android is definitely in touch directly with the Play Store, Android smart phone provider, android tips, Android usage etc while things that are not related directly are the OS on your smart phone, accessories, pricing and much more.

Semantics takes into account the context and meaning of search queries. In the past such things are backlinks and anchor text that is associated with the link that gives Google robot instructions about the contents of the linked page; however the current semantics currently gives search engine bots a chance to see all the content around links to make a conclusion. Semantics deals with synonymous, heading, quality of content, the relevancy between content and backlink.

Unique content

Unique content does not mean 100% original content because we may need many sources of inspirations for writing. Nevertheless we must only create articles that are purely works of our own. Unique content can be created by using synonyms to distinguish our article authentication with other articles. Use long tail keywords that are more likely to get traffic or combine two article titles into one article or if you are able to combine your five articles into one article to the content you serve richer.

Internal link building

If you are using WordPress, you may apply SEO ALRP plug in or other internal link building plug in or by installing related post plug in which. The function of the internal link building is very considerable when you are optimizing a web page for off page by building backlink then automatically anchor text or related content that is optimized are lifted as well. The strategy which has been mentioned above are 100% white hat SEO. In addition there are still many ways to say as a means of black hat SEO with the aim of streamlining the Alexa Rank with a very fast but the ways are very risky because usually the website which applies black hat SEO will be subjected to punishment or penalty from Google. So it is better to use the correct methods to lower Alexa Rank on your website.

Easy Tips to Streamline Alexa Rank

A high ranking is one of characteristics of a quality blog. This rank can be measured through the Google page rank where the highest numbers indicate that the blog is credible. In general, these blogs can bring a lot of visitors as well as attract advertisers to put their ads. Besides Google page rank, there is one of the ranking systems widely used by the web administrator which is Alexa rank. The following is a further explanation of the grading system.

Alexa rank is a site of ranking system which is based on several criteria. You may visit it on Alexa.com, which is one of the subsidiaries of Amazon.com. Unlike Google, which is calculates the rank from the number of qualified backlink, Alexa rank is primarily based on the number of traffic received by website within a three-month period. Data received from the meta key that has been embedded in a website such as Alexa toolbar, as well as from other sources. In this system, a website which has a rank above 100,000 is considered not reliability. That is why a lot of bloggers are trying to streamline his blog’s Alexa rank.

If you want to want increased rapidly Alexa Rank quickly, there are several ways that can be done. Note the following explanation:

  • First, you have previously registered on Alexa.com.
  • Immediately download and install Alexa toolbar in your browser which available for IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome and visit your blog as often as possible.
  • Install Alexa widget. This widget will interact with system updates of Alexa statistic.
  • Set up your blog as the homepage in the browser.
  • Alexa rank is based on traffic statistics so that the largest rank is the traffic. With the greater traffic, you can get the higher rank.

There are requirements you must meet in order to increase the number of traffic. You have to write original and high quality article. Make sure that the content is always up to date since the readers look for newest post in your blog. Every post must be indexed properly by search engines like Google to facilitate the search by the users. If these tips are run consistently, then you can increase Alexa ranking easily and rapidly.

The Importance of Google Page Rank

There are a lot of terms used in the blog world. One of them is Google page rank. It is information about our website’s rank in the Google page on a scale of 1 to 10. As we have already known, the Google is one of the most widely used search engines by internet users because the search results are more accurate and have the number of integrated features. That is why the Google page rank becomes one of the considerations to assess the credibility of a website.

Actually Google Page Rank is almost same with Alexa rank. They both provide information about blog ranking but there is a difference. The best rank in Google page rank is 10. On the other hand, 1 is the best rank in Alexa. Well-known websites such as Facebook have a good rank, while some new blogs do not have rank in Google yet. You can simply check your Google page rank by visiting www.prchecker.info. Enter URL of your blog on the tool at this site. If your blog has N/A or zero rank, that means you have to do a lot of efforts in SEO.

Not all of the webs get a good rank in Google. In fact there are many sites which still do not have a rank. If your site has not got a web rank in Google, there may be several contributing factors, namely:

  • You rarely update your blog.

Blog which rarely publishes new content will gain lower rank or even does not own it.

  • The blog is still new.

The most recent webs do not have a lot of visitors and the number of post is still slightly

  • The site is banned by Google.

Blog has been blocked by Google may not be able to get good grade. This ban could happen because the blog is considered as junk or spam.

Websites that have had Google page rank can be interpreted as blogs that gain trust of Google. It may also attract the advertisers to attach ads on your site. If your blog does not have a good page rank, you should improve the rank by applying SEO, find more backlinks, and update articles continuously.

Utilizing SEOQuake to Monitor Web Rankings

Extension is an additional feature that is installed on a browser. It has very diverse functions such as speeding up the download process, preventing spam, blocking ads, saving pages, and much more. This feature can also be utilized to perform website optimization. One of the best extensions you can use is SEOQuake. It is an add-ons that can only be used in Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari which helps us to monitor Alexa rank, Pagerank, share Google plus, like Facebook, tweet , and others easily. If you have to check all the rankings one by one of course it will spend a lot of time so that it is more efficient to utilize of this extension.

It is so easy to install and make use SEOQuake but it is just limited to 4 browsers only. Fortunately, those browsers are widely used by many people so there will not be a difficulty in setting it. There are some reasons why this extension is the best tool for diagnosing our website rank. They are:

  • It is easy to use and very flexible.
  • You can get it for free.
  • It has small size so that you do not need many spaces to store it.
  • It has a manageable parameter which is very much like Google Index, Bing Index, Google PageRank, Alexa rank, etc.

It is highly recommended to set the parameters first before you utilize it. First, right click and select Preference. Go to the parameter tab. Give checks to what you need. It is possible that you get some troubles in your SEO activity with SEOQuake. Ifyouwant toget helps, make sure that the icon is on green, red, and yellow.

The strength of this feature is to assist you to diagnose SEO on page which is good, pretty good, and not good. Data of servers and web compliance can also be check through this diagnosis. To recognize Alexa rank and Pagerank, simply go to the page you want to check. For Alexa rank, the symbol is Alexa icon and Pagerank has Google sign. If you are the user of those web browsers, take advantages from that extension to monitor your web position.