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The Most Harmful Links for Your Site


Google is one of the most frequent search engine which launches latest version of algorithms. The old algorithm is not replaced by the new one but all of them work together to present the qualified and relevant search results to users of search engines. One of the things that often were complained by the bloggers if there is an update algorithm is a concern if their blog was hit by the newest algorithm. Black hat SEO techniques that are not detected on the old algorithm seems to start to receive the effects when there are updates made by Google.

Backlinks is one of the things that are not separated from the technique of SEO until now. This Link is a link that is placed on another blog and will drive visitors to our blog. In the absence of backlinks, it will be very difficult to get the best position in SERP. There are many techniques to get backlinks but we must choose the right way and permitted by Google. When we get it by fraudulent means, then Google will come to sanction our blogs. The Link can be categorized into two classes, namely natural links and unnatural links.

Natural links

Google considers link as one of the assessment parameters for a blog. Natural links have a sense as links obtained manually by the human capacity. So links are obtained by using automated software or machine definitely does not fall into the category of natural links. If you get a backlink by being a contributor for other website, then it is not considered as a violation of but if you got many backlinks in instant way, this will certainly cause suspicion because humans can not build backlinks that fast. Any infringement will be acted upon by Google.

To know whether a link is safe or not to our blog, we can see three aspects namely, quantity, quality, and relevance of the link. The quantity is the number of backlinks that we can get. The more the better but still there are certain limitation to the backlink which is not considered excessive by Google. Add backlinks gradually so that there is no spike in the number of backlinks too flashy since these activities are normally only performed by automatic backlink software.

Qualified backlinks can be viewed from the website where we place the backlink. If the website has a good ranking, a lot of visitors, and his authority is high, then it can be inferred that the backlinks that we get to have a good quality. Instead, get a backlink from blogs with bad ratings would not contribute to our blog because the blog is generally not visited by many people. This is the reason why many backlinks does not immediately make the position of our blog could be increased because our blog get backlinks which is not qualified.

Relevance is the last thing as the considerations for assessing a blog. A Backlink with a high level of relevance would be better. We can see if the content on a website has linkages with the theme of our backlink. If there is no relevance, then the effort will be not worth even Google begins to degrade the blog that has a lot of irrelevant backlinks.

Unnatural links

Unnatural links obtained by fraudulent means. This Link can be obtained by imposing the content to embed an irrelevant link. As a result, visitors will be directed to a page that is not expected. At first the unnatural link does not bring problems for a blog but eventually Google detects that this link would be detrimental to the visitors so that the latest algorithm was designed to get rid of the blog with overload unnatural link. The following are some of the types of links that will be detrimental to a blog:

  • Buy link
  • Link from spam comment
  • Link from malicious sites

Buy link

There are some sites that are selling links for the purpose of seeking the advantage of site owners who want to get good rankings quickly. It is considered a way of manipulating the page rank by Google. Technique of buying links will only be profitable for the owners of the blog but on the other hand does not bring benefits to users of search engines because in general the link embedded has a low level of relevance to the content of the site.

Link from spam comment

All matters relating to spam should be avoided and spam comment is not the exception. This spam comment will normally be filled with a promotional link. We can easily see the existence of spam comments. If the given comment does not relate to the content of the article then it can be ascertained that this comment is spam or if it is just some words such as ‘hello’, ‘nice article’, ‘good post’, ‘visit my blog’. This kind of comment very clearly just wanted to get a backlink instantly.

Link from malicious sites

Links coming or heading to the websites which contain the malware will also lower the ranking of your blog. Some of the sites that are harmful such as having too many pop up ads which are annoying or abusive for visitors from will be deemed by Google. So before you place a backlink, note whether site is detected as a web that violates or not. Thus, Install backlink without paying attention to the quality of the site will destroy your blog if the site get penalty from Google.

None of the man’s creation which is perfect without flaw though it was an algorithm created by Google. Algorithms that have been made by Google will be able to help get rid of spam sites and sites with low quality. But every time there are new regulations or changes, for sure there will be fraudulent means which can be done to break the rules. It would be better if you do not join the blogger who relies on trickery in reaching a high rank. The only thing you need to do at the moment is how to get natural and qualified links without cheating.

How to Apply Link Building Techniques Effectively

Link-Building-IconBuild a website with strong SEO definitely has something to do with link building. One type of link building which is the most famous is backlinks. It cannot be refuted that a lot of bloggers think that thousands of backlinks can make search engines glance. Even some bloggers must pay in order to get thousands of links, which actually is not known exactly where the link was placed and on what types of sites. In fact, they have thousands of backlinks from low quality sites, not relevant, spam links, and all sorts of those kinds which are nothing compared to qualified backlinks.

Unqualified backlink will not affect the ranking of your blog significantly. On the other hand, qualified link will contribute to the improvement of ranking well as authority of blogs. This authority can be defined as the ability of a website to be rated as important by the search engines. So, the authorities can be applied to show the power of a website and its author. For example, if we find two articles that have the same keywords, the search engine will place the article with more authority on the first page of SERP.

There are many ways that you can use to get backlinks. It is noteworthy that if you create backlinks that have relevance? Logically, why would you make a link between two things that are not related to each other? This will only worsen the state of your blog that will be left by visitors because they feel your blog has no connection with the blog they visit before. Some backlink building technique is as follows:

  • Backlinks through article
  • Posting a thread through the forum
  • High pr comment page
  • Backlinks from social bookmarking web
  • Backlink building software
  • Submitting to web directories
  • Submitting to rss feeds site

Backlinks through article

Backlinks can be obtained through the article. To do so you must have a good relationship with the blog owner. This is the reason why you should continue to make friends with the bloggers though indirectly all bloggers compete to occupy the top position on SERP. If a blogger makes an article with the theme you have, ask him to include a link of your blog in the article. Another way is to pay them so they are disposed to include your link. This only will provide maximum results if done with high ranking blog.

Posting a thread through the forum

As a blogger, you are required to have good communication skills though embodied in written form only. There are many online forums you can visit to be able to interact with other bloggers. In a forum, members have the right to create a thread which is then commented by other members. This is where you can take advantage of the existence of the community to gain backlinks. Write a good and interesting article and do not forget to give the backlink. Community members who are interested in your writing will definitely visit your blog through the link you left off.

High pr comment page

Blogwalking has become one of the mainstays for bloggers who want to get a lot of backlinks in a short time. In order backlinks you have are qualified, you cannot comment on any page of the website. Choose one that has a high pr. These pages are usually visited by many people that if you provide a link on that page, most likely you will be flooded with visitors from blogwalking activities. Previously do not forget to read the comment rules possessed by each blog.

Backlinks from social bookmarking web

Social Bookmarking sites are sites that store address or article links of its members. This feature simply existing in a web browser that you use every day, but the risk of loss is very large. Given these Social Bookmarking sites, you can bookmark your links online and of course make it easier for you in managing your important sites. Besides, these sites can also contribute a backlink to your site. To be able to start posting, you must be joined as a member first and thereafter you are free to make the appropriate category bookmarking sites.

Backlink building software

Backlinks can be obtained either manually or automatically. If you want to get backlinks automatically in large quantities you can use software such as SenukeX, Ultimate Demond, Sedemond, Xrumer, etc. This method is not recommended for beginner bloggers who do not know how it works and the setting of this software. In addition because it is automatic and not natural, then this is very hated by Google. So you are encouraged to get backlinks in a safe way without using software.

Submitting to web directories

A web directory is a website that provides unrivaled facilities for the purposes of building links which the website owner can perform the link installation and do a link exchange. So this site can be called a mini search engine that contains a collection of website links. You can also submit your links on directory submission sites. You do not need to include an article due to this directory only accept the URL of your blog.

Submitting to RSS feeds site

The best way to drive repeat visitors to your site is through an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to your site so that they will receive instant updates whenever you add an article. If you have a website or blog that is installed with RSS feeds, you can send to the RSS feed directories. RSS feed directory offers an RSS feed URL inclusion of data, with the aim of categorizing a large number of RSS feeds so it will be easier for users to find content they want and subscribe to it.

From the ways that have been described previously, you have a lot of alternatives. Hence the important thing is to make backlinks that look natural in the eyes of search engines, the more natural the better. Too many unrelated backlinks will lower the ranking the website so you are not recommended to install a backlink in vain.

The Latest High Page Rank Directory Submission Sites List

directory-submissionIt cannot be denied, using the directory submission sites is one very good way to increase traffic, backlinks and page rank of blogs by submitting link of a blog to that site. In addition to getting traffic, we also get backlinks if we submit the URL to different directories. The key is by doing it routinely. It is a tiring job if we have to post the link to every directory sites each course. But the tiredness and fatigue will be relieved when it has a great benefit for the blog.

Usually we have to manually do submit a link to a web directory (directory submission sites). Even this link manually is approved by the webmaster, so this gives more points to the search engines to do a ranking through backlinks. Other benefit of getting your web link in a web directory is that your links are indexed by the search engines quickly. When the search engine robot crawl the internet explorer to get a new link, they start surfing the web directory and first index all the links that exist in the directory. In addition, every time a new search engine launched, they automatically index the links that have been validated via web directory. It can save time compared to sending links to various search engines.

Maybe some of the bloggers, especially newbie will not know how the web directory works. They may even assume that the sites are profitable for other party only. Hence you should keep this in mind, a web directory is different from the social bookmarking, since you do not your article on this web directory, then how can you get a visit and backlink to your blog, while you install banner of the web directory? This makes some bloggers consider that web directories are detrimental for their sites.

How directory submission sites work

When you install a banner of web directory on your blog, it will function like search engine. Web directory will take into account the traffic of your blog. They give more attention to the web which frequently updates the content. If you update it regularly, then position of your blog in the web directory this will increase and if it is in a position that is quite good, then it is very likely that your blog will get abundant visits.

We can just register your blog to thousands directories but should be seen whether the directory has good credibility, SEO friendly, allowing the use of anchor text that is not too limited in number, and free. Of course, this does not mean register your blog to paid directories are not good. Here is free directory submission sites list with high page rank:

There are many benefits that we will get if we send you a link to the website directory. One of the advantages is to increase the number of backlinks that we have. In order to obtain these qualified backlinks, you can sign into sites with high page rank. The obstacle that you might face is the length of time you need to get approval from the webmaster so that the address of your website can appear on a well known web directory. But the effort is comparable to the results for blogs with a high page rank and credibility is usually used as a reference to find qualified blogs. Some other benefits of web directories are as follow:

  • Web directories provide one way link
  • Web Directory allows choose you to choose your own anchor text
  • Most directories are free
  • Web directory contribute to your blog traffic

Web directories provide one way link

Search engines judge the importance of the number and quality of inbound links or backlinks to your site and from a web directory you will get one way backlinks. Web Directory does not require you to put their link on your website. Search engines reduce quality of link exchange tactics but rather give points to one way links exchange. Thus join a web directories which does not have a provision that makes you put up their banners on your blog.

Web Directory allows choose you to choose your own anchor text

When you send them a link to a web directory allows you to enter the title of the site that can contain your keywords. It will be useful for SEO to determine the anchor text you choose and help you improve your website’s ranking on search engine by these keywords. Unfortunately, based on the latest Google algorithm update, anchor text over optimization can lead to penalties. So use anchor text that matches the content of the website and do not outwit the visitors.

Most directories are free

Most of you do not need to pay for submitting in a web directory. There are some professional web directories which take charge annually to add your link, but their number is very small compared to the free web directory. So you can save even more if sending a link to the free directory sites. The consequence is a very long waiting time until the link appears in the directory sites because of the many bloggers who take advantage of this feature.

Web directory contribute to your blog traffic

Web directory structure makes visitor find right website under the appropriate category. Even if you accidentally send you the link under the wrong category, most likely web admin will place your link under the correct category. This is one major advantage to submit your link to various web directories. You also need to manually do it yourself or use a professional service depending on your needs.

To the owner of the directory website, the gain is increasingly better page rank that attracts advertisers to place some ads on the site as the source of income. In short, directory submission sites are sites that are not only beneficial for the owner but also the bloggers and information seekers on the Internet.

How to Embed Great Internal Link

link buildingSEO efforts undertaken by the bloggers are increasingly heavy because many new blogs are popping up and trying to shift the top position on the SERP. In the midst of tough competition, we must emerge the demands to create useful and desirable articles for the readers. One of the great search engines, which is Google,do not hesitate to get rid of junk blogs that just want to get a lot of traffic without regard to the visitors.

One SEO strategy which is never outdated is link building but now it becomes more complicated and cannot be conducted simply. It takes a good strategy in embedding links that attract search engine users. Among the various strategies in creating backlinks, internal linking is one of them. An internal link made ​​with relevance and good quality can be a positive influential to search engines and readers. This strategy is the most straightforward one way link building. There are several advantages if we want to embed a link to an internal article:

  • Ease crawling and indexing process
  • Add page view and reduce bounce rate
  • Increase readership
  • Increase SERP Rank

The existence of internal linking is also regarded as navigation, which allows search engines to crawl other pages. With the good internal link and structure, the process of crawling and indexing will be easier. Navigation can be structured to the important pages or links that are in a content page. The more relevant links or navigation, the simpler robot of search engine crawl and index a website. Without these processes, it will be impossible for your blog to be found by search engine users.

With the internal links, the reader will be more flexible for exploring your articles. It automatically increase page views and reduce bounce rate. The bounce rate is a rate figuring the number of visitors who close the web immediately after they open it. If a Web site has a high bounce rate, it can be concluded that the articles in the blog less desirable. Embedding internal link is very effective to avoid high bounce rate.

An article is actually not completely independent since there are few points which need other references. A point may only be taken as an outline and the readers need to understand the details. This is the most important role of the internal link. Do not just use any external link. If you have some articles with similar or related topic, provide the internal link. This will widen the reader’s knowledge as well as enhancing the authority of your blog.

Internal linking is one of the best ways to increase link popularity. A page that contains a link to another page will deliver link juice to the destination page. As a function of backlinks that match the criteria, it will affect page ranking because backlinks are considered as voting for the importance of other pages. This will greatly help achieve high page rank. In addition, internal linking also create visibility and ranking in search results. This means that a web page will be more SEO friendly.

There are many ways to create an effective internal links, some of which are of relevance and how to construct the proper anchor text. Do not provide internal links that are not related to the content of the article or use the anchor text which is not clear and confuses the reader. Application of excessive internal links is also not good because it is considered unnatural strategy. Pay attention to the needs of readers by providing qualified article. Maximize function of internal link is to strengthen the SEO strategy that you have run.

White Hat SEO Techniques


White hat SEO is a good and positive SEO technique or in other words it is a technique recommended by the search engines. If we use white hat SEO techniques, slowly but sure your blog will get satisfactory results in the search results. It takes a long time and patience to get the best results with white hat SEO techniques but this way is the most secure. To put a blog in the best position in SERP takes hard work and cannot be done instantly, so that you have to allocate more time.

Many bloggers do not have enough patience to do white hat SEO gradually because they want the blog in the top ranks of the search instantly. If you prefer to use a fraudulent manner, then the impact would be very dangerous for the blog you build. You are not advised to use the ways that are not true. Google’s algorithms become more sophisticated over the time and can easily detect cheating so it is vain if you apply this instant way. The followings are white hat SEO techniques preferred:

Maintain the use of templates is one of white hat SEO techniques. In optimizing a good template we use SEO standardized template that is template with fast page loading and simple to actually favor by search engines. You can get this type of template for free or paid. You also need to consider whether the existing structure of the headings in the templateis complete or not. Good heading structure will allow search engine robots to crawl and index your website. If necessary, you can edit the code in the template to fit your needs.

Clear content in the white hat SEO is the content which is not hidden in the form of invisible text. This text is very detrimental to visitors because they will not accidentally click on the text and directed to another page suddenly. The contents of the article should be dense and contain important information for the readers or they will visit your website again if they need further information. There is no fixed rule about the number of words to create a good quality article but make sure that the article is original and not plagiarism.

Good links are links that contains appropriate information based on the anchor text. So if you make an anchor text “SEO techniques” then the page appeared when the link is clicked contains the SEO article. You can embed multiple links in your article either in the form of inbound or outbound links, but make sure that the link in accordance with the theme of your article. This way is often done by bloggers who want to promote a particular product or website by embedding the link in the popular post.

In the search system of backlink, we must focus on sites with high page rank. Start by submitting your URL to the dofollow directory and try to obtain one-way backlinks according to your content. Take advantage of social networking to increase the popularity of your blog and makea special group to promote new content on your blog.

Ping is a technique that is performed to call the search engine robots so that new content will be indexed quickly. Conduct this technique one time everyday since if too much, the search engines will think that your site is spam. Every SEO technique has risks, respectively, and white hat SEO is the one with the smallest risk that you will be safe from blocking by the search engines.