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Getting Know to Facebook Comments Box’s Functions


One of the SEO techniques that we can maximize is social media. Today, the number of the account owner of social networking is getting more and more. With the media, we can interact with friends or new people; share your status, video, or photos. Until now, social media such as Facebook even has become a profitable product marketing media. Everyone is vying to open an online store with social media accounts that they own or create a fan page.

To increase traffic to a website or blog, we can use a plug in to social media. This time will be discussed about Facebook comments box which it is one of the tools that should be owned by each site. The main function of this tool is to share readers’ comments to their social networking accounts. So if someone is commenting on your blog using the Facebook comments box, then such comments will also show up in the social media accounts and read by his friends. The following are some of the advantages that we get by installing the Facebook comments box:

  • To boost the traffic
  • A large selection of platform for commenting
  • Receive notifications of new comments on a Facebook
  • Comment with profile
  • There is no spam comments
  • It easier to delete comments you do not like
  • All links nofollow by Default

To boost the traffic

When the visitor decides to leave comments on your blog using Facebook comments box, then there will be a selection of those comments to appear on their profile or not. If they choose to display the comments on their profile so other visitors can also click ‘like’ below the comments of other visitors. By this way then your content will be circulating on Facebook which is the largest social networking with the number of active users is on the rise.

Article of the blogs that are shared to social networking will also attract more visitors coming from social media. Keyword competition in a search engine is very tight and if you have difficulty to raise traffic through search engines, so you can maximize the various social networks. Make it easier for your readers to share the content of your website. If you use a title that is interesting or write a unique article, likely other social networking account owners will visit your blog.

A large selection of platform for commenting

Your visitors do not need a login to blogger or create open ID. They could give comment using multiple accounts such as Facebook ID, AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Almost every online user in the world uses at least one of these services. So your visitors are provided with several options to post their comments. Not all visitors’ blog has blogger account so the use of Facebook comments box is the right choice. A variety of platform sharing is going to make the article and your blog’s popularity increase. The more that know about your blog, it will be better to donate your daily traffic.

Receive notifications of new comments on a Facebook

Every time a comment was left on one of your posts, you will be notified via the Facebook notification system. The notification is also appeared when comments or like from other visitors are responded by readers. They will also get notifications of replies made to their comments on your blog. This will enhance the interactions between visitors and blog owners. If there is a comment on your blog, you can quickly respond because there is a notification so that you do not have to keep track of blogs that you manage directly. The intense interaction will make the visitors comfortable on your site.

Comment with profile

You are now also able to calmly turn off the option ‘unanimous comment’ on Blogger > Settings > Comments. The user can use their ID to leave a comment, so you do not have to worry about people who commented. The existence of unanimous comment will complicate the blog owner to identify anyone who liked his article. In contrast with the known commentators, blog administrator will recognize the people who are interested in their blog. This could be a consideration to make articles that are still concerned or likely to be read by visitors who have the same interest.

There is no spam comment

You will not get more comment spam which is not relevant with your article. If a user use anonymous identity the number of spam will increase and robots also must be able to do that. The absence of identity will invite more spammers because they are free to comment without having to damage the reputation of themselves.

Spam comment, for example, usually includes promotional or referral link without giving suggestions or criticism to the article content. This commentator just wanted to get more backlinks by commenting on your blog. With the Facebook comments box, visitors will think twice to give inappropriate comments because this comment will also be read by friends who are linked to a social networking account. Blog with spam comments will also make other visitor reluctant to give comment.

It easier to delete comments you do not like

To delete a comment on the blog, you must click the trash can icon and you will be taken to a separate window where you select the option to delete the comments permanently. But with Facebook comments box, you can delete a comment as usual you delete comments on Your Facebook profile with just one click. Some of the comments that contain pornography or gambling if not removed will affect your blog because Google’s algorithm will get rid of the blog filled with spam comment that violates the rules.

All links are nofollow by Default

The remaining links in the comment box are by default marked as nofollow and search engine robots cannot browse the contents of Facebook comments. By this way the quality of your content in search engines will increase because the robot will browse your posts only and not on the comments that are annoying.

Tips to Get a Good Blog Traffic through Social Media

social mediaSocial media has become an important part of our lives. Every day we want to share the eventful moments that we experience with our friends and relatives through social media. Even many people could not pass a single day without a status update on a social network. The number of media social users terraces rapidly so that many people use it to advertise. Could we utilize social media to increase the number of visitors on our blog? We certainly could use it if we know the strategy.

If it is done seriously, social media like Facebook or Twitter can be used as a means to help boosting traffic on our website. But there are some important things that must be considered to maximize the results later. For example, we use Facebook or Twitter. We have to find as many friends as possible, but you must be selective in choosing them, because these accounts will be used to attract visitor traffic later. Try to find friends who have same interest or profession with us. They may be active bloggers or online business owners.

To maximize the role of social media in boosting the traffic on our site, the following are the steps you can take:

  • Join a group of bloggers or hobby which you are interested in.
  • Add some people and create a good relation with them.
  • Introduce your own blog.
  • Update your status diligently and do not forget to include a link to your website.
  • If there are friends who update status, give a comment as appreciation.
  • Send your comment with polite and simple language, so it is easy to understand.
  • If possible, write blog contents that are interesting for the visitors from your social media.

Creating multiple accounts on various social media is good, but the result will not be maximized if you do not pay attention to those important things. Keep in mind that not all of your friends in social media like blogwalking. Most of them just like to chat and update status. So that it is necessary to choose friends in your social media accounts to bring a lot of visitors to your site.

Facebook Tools to Increase Blog’s Traffic

facebook-toolThe development of social media has been very widespread. This media is not only used to make friends or find the old ones who had not communicated for a long time but also to promote a product. Hence, whether social media play a role in increasing the amount of traffic of a blog? Yes we can use it to elevate our blog traffic. On this occasion, we will focus on how to use social media especially Facebook to increase the number of traffic on a website.

Facebook has a lot of active users that can be targets to introduce our blog. The easiest step is to share our latest articles link on the community that we follow. You can join a community that has relevant topic with the niche you develop so that your blog promotion is not assumed as spam. Write a comment politely and do not attack other members because the action which is not in accordance with the community will get a warning or even blocking and damage the reputation of your blog or personal branding as the owner of the web.

To publicize and increase the popularity of a website, you need a few tools are available for free. Some of these tools include:

  • Facebook Page

Facebook page is a facility provided by the Facebook for users who want to discuss a common theme. On these pages, you will find many people who have same interest. It can also be a gateway to introduce content which then directs the visitors to a certain web.

  • Facebook Like box

You can install Facebook Like Box on your website and set up the tool to be appeared when a visitor opens your web page. By doing a “like” on the box, then the visitors’ Facebook account will be connected directly to the Facebook Page that you created.

Besides these tools, you can also apply Facebook Auto Publish Tool. This facility is very useful to share your link to Facebook so that the users can see your latest update. The chance to get more traffic by using this tool is greater. This tool enables automatic publication whenever new content are posted. Those are the tools that can be applied to grab more visitors.

The Importance of Google Page Rank

There are a lot of terms used in the blog world. One of them is Google page rank. It is information about our website’s rank in the Google page on a scale of 1 to 10. As we have already known, the Google is one of the most widely used search engines by internet users because the search results are more accurate and have the number of integrated features. That is why the Google page rank becomes one of the considerations to assess the credibility of a website.

Actually Google Page Rank is almost same with Alexa rank. They both provide information about blog ranking but there is a difference. The best rank in Google page rank is 10. On the other hand, 1 is the best rank in Alexa. Well-known websites such as Facebook have a good rank, while some new blogs do not have rank in Google yet. You can simply check your Google page rank by visiting www.prchecker.info. Enter URL of your blog on the tool at this site. If your blog has N/A or zero rank, that means you have to do a lot of efforts in SEO.

Not all of the webs get a good rank in Google. In fact there are many sites which still do not have a rank. If your site has not got a web rank in Google, there may be several contributing factors, namely:

  • You rarely update your blog.

Blog which rarely publishes new content will gain lower rank or even does not own it.

  • The blog is still new.

The most recent webs do not have a lot of visitors and the number of post is still slightly

  • The site is banned by Google.

Blog has been blocked by Google may not be able to get good grade. This ban could happen because the blog is considered as junk or spam.

Websites that have had Google page rank can be interpreted as blogs that gain trust of Google. It may also attract the advertisers to attach ads on your site. If your blog does not have a good page rank, you should improve the rank by applying SEO, find more backlinks, and update articles continuously.