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7 Secrets in Optimizing a Blog

optimizing blog

For a new blogger, attempting to do blog optimization is viewed as important or unimportant depending of his purpose to build a blog. If your goal in creating a blog is to pursuit of keywords in order to get on the main page of the search engine then optimization is obligatory. Hence if we build the blog regardless of how we set the primary keyword and we want to build a base of loyal visitors and traffic, off page optimization almost does not really matter, because the reader can simply visit to your blog without going through the intermediary of the search engine.

In order that we all just got stuck on the various theories of optimization that is misleading then some crazy point below could be one of the cornerstones and you can make it as a strategy in building reputation blog in the eyes of the reader. So what steps should we take in order to have a strong position in the virtual world? The followings are seven secrets we should remember:

  • Learn about kind of blog
  • Make up qualified content, useful, and readable
  • Keyword placement
  • Vary article titles
  • Have role model
  • Set target
  • Learn and practice SEO

Learn about kind of blog

Learn about the kind of your blog have as early as possible. Get to know the blog itself turned out to be not easy, sometimes we are confused as what will be discussed in our blog?, and for what purpose is it built?. We will never become a great blogger if we never want to know the characteristics of a blog that we manage. A successful Blogger in average has set a goal for sure on what purpose they will achieve. We have to recognize as close as possible our blog, all parts that are associated with our blog must be immersed in mind endlessly.

Make up qualified content, useful, and readable

Content of the blog we manage is the core of our site, especially at this time Google has already enacted a new rule called hummingbird. If you want to make qualified article, give something useful and worth a read by visitors who take hospitality on your blog. If necessary always evaluate content that you write that is not overly overlap with inappropriate keywords. For those of you who take Google as the guidance then you should be able to always ensure a reasonable portion of the keyword. Some keywords in the article is already more than enough.

Keyword placement

Keywords must not be placed at the beginning of the title. On old SEO era, we might always place keywords at the beginning of the sentence, but Google’s algorithm has now been increasingly clever, even Google Hummingbird is believed to be able to translate the intent of the content you write without keyword placement in the article. You may also agree that sometimes put the keywords in the first sentence makes the meaning ambiguous. For those of you who have long struggled with the blogging world must be very familiar with this. Do not place keyword if it ultimately makes the meaning of the sentence by sentence so incoherent or make the reader bored. Just create a reasonable, light and fun article.

Vary the title

Vary your article title with easy and simple language. The point is that the title you created on every article should most deserve to be presented to the visitors, disregard the robot of search engine since it would act in arbitrary detention. If you do not believe it, observe some of the blog which is now its owner was angry because the position of blog was thrown far away.

Robots are applied by Bing, Google and other search engines which will only work with the system, while it had many disadvantages as well as recognized by its creators. At first it might be hard to change old habits, but eventually you will be engrossed when writing a more interesting title. We cannot live within the restraints of the rules of any search engine’s algorithms.

Have role model

Take one role model figures so that you can quickly succeed in blogging. Learn your role model figure and know him closer. We should know a principle that it has been proven that if we want to quickly succeed in any field then we should look at the one who has been successful in a certain field. They can be your friends or anyone who can support your plan to be a successful blogger. From those people you will gain important knowledge and secrets that may never be known by others.

Set target

Set the target to beat the best bloggers today. First, continue to strive as hard as possible in building a blog or namely by way of defeating the strongest blogger domination. Certainly the way that you use must remain ethical, do not justify every means; the point is doing it in right way. It does not need to be sneaky or envy on those who are already successful.

Why beat the greatest blogger will make you famous and more rapid success? Please consider this and lay plans for the greater good plan if you are absolutely sure will come out as a winner in each of the fierce competition in cyberspace. Love your competitor, learn their strategy. Never hate your competitor because you will always lose, increasingly weak and move away from victory

Learn and practice SEO

Learn and practice your SEO skill. There are many things you can learn about SEO, if we recently entered the world of blogging and SEO can be ignored at first since this is the strategy to win the competition among the bloggers. Rank is indeed important but if we just focused on pursuing the high rank, the blogs we manage will be decreased. As long as you want to struggle to learn about SEO then sooner or later you will be able to achieve the best rank on specific keywords.

How to Maintain Dummy Blog

dummy blog

Dummy Blog is an important part in SEO optimization to lift our main blog SERP. As off page SEO, dummy blog will provide and improve the quality of the main blog backlink according to keywords that we are targeting. What is the dummy blog? Dummy blog is a main blog help. Dummy blog was created with the purpose of helping our main blog so its position is stronger on search engines, especially Google. With a dummy blog we are free to make a link on the article because this dummy blog is ours. It is different when we put the link in the comments or forums or blog, there are certainly other rules.

The difference between regular blog and dummy blog

Actually there is no significant difference between regular blog and dummy blog. Especially the visitors would also be difficult to distinguish whether it was a dummy blog or not. The difference is only about the quality of the blog, if usually a dummy blog was created using copy and paste techniques while the main blog content using the original from the author himself. The current Google’s algorithm is more advanced and assumes the blog containing copy paste as less quality so that we would be better to create original content for dummy blog that we manage to avoid deletion of the blog by Google.

The benefits of dummy blog

There are a variety purposes and benefits of dummy blog, but usually is to add to the main blog backlink. Hence, there are also making use of a dummy blog for online businesses such as Pay Per Click, to put ad banner, to seek business referrals, and even some are using a dummy blog for promotional services and products.

Creating a dummy blog it is like making a regular blog, can be a free or paid. Since it is just a helping blog, it is recommended that you select the theme that is light and simple. More and more dummy blog that we have, the greater chance we get to help the main blog. The bloggers usually make dummy blog with web 2.0 as follows:

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Try to make dummy blog with different IP address with the main blog. For example, if the primary blog using a WordPress, then you select Blogspot for dummy blog. If primary blog uses English then the dummy blog content should be written in English too. It will be great if you have dummy bog whose topic is correspond with main blog. Dummy blog also needs a good backlink. Do not lead main blog (give a link) to a dummy blog, otherwise all the dummy blogs lead to the main blog and a dummy blog has a direct link with the other dummy blog, not reciprocity.

Try not to direct a lot of posts in one day. Create distance so as not to be detected spam blog and do not forget to always include links to your main blog. You could post one article a day from each blog or you may update it at least once per three day. So suppose you last had made 10 dummy blog then you should prepare 10 articles for each blog in a day. However this only as an example only, once again select the appropriate number of dummy blog according to your ability and do not forget to put a link in the main navigation of the blog dummy.

Maximizing the dummy blog

Although a dummy blog is often said as a shadow blog, the power of blog dummy is worth to note. A lot of bloggers create a dummy blog as SEO support for the main blog, and then make dummy blog just for search engines, so as to make the article messy with very bad sentences. They think the article is only read by the search engines which are not human being. They just think about the link building. This is a great loss.

A dummy blog is like any other blog which needs to be managed well. If we make a dummy blog like main blog, with unique content, then there will be many visits and get a high page rank of Google or Alexa rank. Believe it or not, 10 dummy blogs with high rank will make the main blog has page rank minimum 5.

On the other hand, if the dummy blog goes well, many people do not know the status of the blog is simply a dummy blog and we can get make money by placing ads, PPC, paid review, or sell the blog. Many famous sites mainly business sites create a dummy blog. Create and manage a dummy blog seriously and patiently. Indeed in learning SEO techniques we have to be patient and thorough.

Maintain dummy blog

Dummy blog also needs to be treated just like the main blog, once you think has made quite a lot of backlinks in a dummy blog. The way is by submitting the dummy blog to a web or a site directory that can at least add backlink for blog dummy. In addition to the dummy blog used to add backlink it also must be kept so that it is not detected as spam.

A dummy blog is considered spam because it is just a blog containing a lot of links and articles that are not original. Google sees these kind of websites do not provide benefits to the readers because too many outbound links. Google tends to put a dummy blog that is not qualified on a less good position because its owners did not fill the blog with good articles like the main blog. So it could be inferred that if we do not treat dummy blog such a main blog, link building method that we run to support the main blog will fail.

White Hat SEO: How to Lower Alexa Rank


Alexa Rank is a site located at www.alexa.com, which provides information about the rank of a site, based on the number of incoming visitor traffic to the site. The greater the traffic, the rank will be higher a high and vice versa, it is very important to note by a blogger who want to make their site as a business. Alexa Rank has rank value from the smallest that is the number one to the value of millions which in the calculation system in Alexa Rank, the smaller the value of Alexa Rank of your site, the better for your site. This value is somewhat different from your Google Page Rank, where the larger the rank then the better the position of the blog.

How important is the Alexa Rank?

The important of Alexa Rank on the website depends on the owner of the site, when the site you are creating is aiming to earn some money, then the site rank in Alexa Rank is mandatory you estimate, because the Alexa Rank of your site describes that your site is popular and resulted in numerous advertiser who wants to put ads on your site, but if the site you create is just for sharing information, of course, Alexa Rank is not so important.

Alexa rank also affects visitors or readers of your blog, if your Alexa Rank is nice, of course they will be more enthusiastic and loyal to the blog and readers will be increasing. There are several kinds of advantages that can be obtained by the owner of the blog that has small Alexa Rank:

  • Sell ad space
  • PPC ads
  • Get paid per view
  • Review blog
  • Sell Redirect

Alexa rank is often used as measuring instrument and consideration of the advertiser before deciding to outsource or not. The advertiser prefers blogs that have organic traffic compared to paid traffic. Alexa rank much hunted the bloggers that make his blog a money machine through a program of advertising especially advertising in the form of a banner. Alexa consumers mostly from companies that would like to know how the performance of their websites on the internet and companies that often renders the web that can be used to advertise their products.

The tools in in the Alexa.com can also be used as a tool to analyze the performance of your website in trawling visitors, as a tool for market analysis by spying the competitors and many more functions of Alexa rank which are all related to online marketing. How to shrink the number of Alexa is using website whether optimization, advertising programs or the techniques of SEO optimization. There are various ways that can be used to minimize the number of Alexa that is as follows:

  • Enable 404 dead link using redirect 301
  • Buy expired domain
  • Semantic SEO
  • Unique content
  • Internal link building

Enable 404 dead link using redirect 301

This is a very effective way to increase the number of visitors quickly. The trick is to enable a 404 Page Not Found on another blog and redirecting to blog that you manage. How to get it? Of course you have to browse using the keywords you want to find 404 page not found then contact the webmaster of the blog to request a redirect dead link to your site. The second way to find dead links is by using a scanner found in some SEO software.

Buy expired domain

Have you ever clicked on a web page that already has content through Google but found was a page that is in a domain that has expired. If the domain has a high popularity, why do not you try to able it again? The trick is to contact the admin domain owners. Hence, you have to spend a little money to renew the domain.

Semantic SEO

Semantic is associated directly or indirectly with other things for example if your blog contains about Android is definitely in touch directly with the Play Store, Android smart phone provider, android tips, Android usage etc while things that are not related directly are the OS on your smart phone, accessories, pricing and much more.

Semantics takes into account the context and meaning of search queries. In the past such things are backlinks and anchor text that is associated with the link that gives Google robot instructions about the contents of the linked page; however the current semantics currently gives search engine bots a chance to see all the content around links to make a conclusion. Semantics deals with synonymous, heading, quality of content, the relevancy between content and backlink.

Unique content

Unique content does not mean 100% original content because we may need many sources of inspirations for writing. Nevertheless we must only create articles that are purely works of our own. Unique content can be created by using synonyms to distinguish our article authentication with other articles. Use long tail keywords that are more likely to get traffic or combine two article titles into one article or if you are able to combine your five articles into one article to the content you serve richer.

Internal link building

If you are using WordPress, you may apply SEO ALRP plug in or other internal link building plug in or by installing related post plug in which. The function of the internal link building is very considerable when you are optimizing a web page for off page by building backlink then automatically anchor text or related content that is optimized are lifted as well. The strategy which has been mentioned above are 100% white hat SEO. In addition there are still many ways to say as a means of black hat SEO with the aim of streamlining the Alexa Rank with a very fast but the ways are very risky because usually the website which applies black hat SEO will be subjected to punishment or penalty from Google. So it is better to use the correct methods to lower Alexa Rank on your website.

7 Strategies to Deal with Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The algorithm is a command that is used to resolve the problem. Perhaps you have known that Google has released the latest algorithm of Google named Hummingbird that sometimes makes a few bloggers or webmasters confuse because the SERP is declining. Hummingbird is the name of a bird that had the ability to fly very quickly and can detect the presence of honey from a distance. Through this naming, Google hopes that this algorithm is able to find more websites with quality content and get rid of the website that contains spam or violations quickly.

Google can be assumed as the old car which just replaces the engine at regular intervals. The main engine is Google Hummingbird while Google Penguin and Panda have function to help Google Hummingbird that is operating on the Google search engine. So it could be said that all Google’s algorithm is working to produce a qualified search results. Google hummingbird is one of the biggest breakthroughs invented by Google until now.

Google does not provide sufficient details about the information of Google Hummingbird. Google published the workings of Google Hummingbird outline that Google no longer judges specific words, but Google assesses each word in the article along with its meaning. Thing to be avoided is the use of repeating keywords in an article. You should provide the vocabulary variations and variant of the keyword that you target. To confront Google Hummingbird, we can use the 7 powerful strategies, namely:

  • Useful content
  • Relevant Internal links
  • Building backlinks after strengthening on page SEO
  • Avoid manipulation of keyword
  • Making use of social media
  • Focus on one blog
  • Increase page rank

Useful content

Fill up your blog with useful content. To optimize our site, we should have clear topic and do not mix up the different topics that will confuse the visitor. If we have to manage a blog with multi theme then it could be overcome by inserting a similar article in the proper category. If we already have had a variety of posts with overlapping categories then fix this categorization. A neat article category would simplify the process of indexation and make visitors more easily to find articles with the same theme. This will indirectly increase the quality of the articles you linked, increasing page view and ultimately the position of your website on the SERP will be higher.

Relevant Internal links

Provide internal links to pages that are really related. It is better for bloggers not to make nofollow links as they create links between articles. Each links which is included in internal links category must be converted into dofollow. Internal link on dofollow link allows Google’s latest algorithm for rewards you with better positions in the main page. For the external link, it is not much different from previous Google rules, which is to change it into nofollow so that your blog does not fall into the category of spam.

Building backlinks after strengthening on page SEO

Review your strategy to get backlink. Hummingbird most dislikes the unrelated backlinks, especially when the site that we manage is still relatively new. Before building your backlink then it should take precedence on page optimization as the priority, do not need to be hasty to get links from other sites just because you want to become the first on SERP. Backlinks remain important and are still needed but the amount must be controlled. Adding too many backlinks in a short time is not recommended.

Avoid manipulation of keyword

Please do not practice the keyword stuffing to mislead the reader. Generally, the bloggers indeed tempted to shoot more keywords with a single goal which is to get additional traffic. However it is very disappointing because readers often do not get what they want, and as a result they return to the search results or directly close blogs that they visit. For this kind of content, Hummingbird does not see it as attractive one so that it would give a report to Google to place it as non priority.

Making use of social media

It is expected that our blog is not only friendly to search engines but also have to be kind to its visitors. Let your readers share content through social media accounts and we just need to facilitate them with social media widgets. If it is still a bit of that share an article then that means we have to learn how to make better content. It is so lucky if your website has got a good image in social media, because you will have a greater chance to win the competition in cyberspace.

Focus on one blog

Build a blog that will be your flagship. You may have a lot of blog, especially for those who are active in the SEO contest. When we manage many blogs without clear direction then we would lose a lot of things. Not only that, our time was wasted because we have to solve problems in each blog. We should have set up a blog that will be the mainstay and always notice the quality.

As a human being, our capacity is limited. We must have the assertiveness to leave the old blog that may not have an impact and then we focus on anything to take care of the blog which can be developed. This way then whatever changes made by Google then we will always be prepared to deal with it. The Hummingbird can only be overcome with passion to make improvements and development continuously.

Increase page rank

There are many experts who gave an opinion about the page rank. Some say that page rank is no longer the main thing. While others say that page rank is still important and relevant to Google Hummingbird. If we refer to the Google page rank, it is still used as one of the factors that influence the position on the search results. A page with qualified content, high page rank, qualified backlinks as well as tremendous social support will be very preferred by Hummingbird.

Why Google Removes Your Blog?


Lately, there are a lot of deletions done by Google blog. There is a reason behind it, one of them is Google updates the increasingly sophisticated algorithm annually so that the slightest infraction will be detected quickly. This removal step happens not only on the new blog but also old but unfortunately we sometimes do not know why a blog can be removed. What’s going on? In the end, a lot of bloggers chose to let the blog that’s been built painstakingly, deleted by Google.

When we will create a blog on a platform, we will be asked to fill out a bio and all the requirements that must be met so that we can get a blog. One condition is agreeing to all the terms of service that exists on the hosting providers as well as Google. If we violate the agreed conditions then we will get a penalty in the form of removal of the blog. Although not all the punishment in the form of deletion, but if we do, then the weight of the offense would be very possible if our blog will be affected. The following are some of the reasons why Google remove a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing by placing inappropriate way
  • Blog put ads that contain adult content
  • Blog with low quality due to the use of the script
  • Blog with content promoting software pirating ways
  • Blog with copyright infringement
  • Blog with mixed content
  • Blog that provides illegal download services

Inappropriate Affiliate marketing

Affiliate business is promising great benefits if we can do marketing properly. A lot of people have proved that this program was quite successful and could serve as a source of income. But these promotional activities can cause hazard for blog affiliate. One of the most hated by Google is blog affiliates that build backlinks which are dofollow. Many new online marketers are not aware that they have committed this offence. So to avoid this, change the links you have into nofollow.

Adult content

Adult content such as pornography is one of the violations of Google’s terms of service. Such content may be favored by a number of people so as to provide such content, blog owners hope that his blog can be visited by many people continuously. But in fact, the blog will be blocked by Google’s algorithm. Adult content can be accessed by children easily without supervision from parents so that Google takes a step by banning the circulation of adult content arbitrarily.

Automated script

Have you ever calculated how much content or articles that you should write to your blog can keep getting visitors? A lot of new blogs are abandoned because their owners never update the blog. Some lazy bloggers prefer to use content that is automatically created with a particular script. The result is all that content has a bad quality so that the visitors do not like it. Google looked at the use of scripts to create content as a violation because the expected content is the result of human thinking and not automated script.

Promoting software pirating

Piracy is one of copyright infringement in violation of the law. Piracy is common in the internet. A lay user may also not know how to do a hijacking. The bad blogger tries to pass the way to hijack software on her blog. By the time, the more people know the tricks of pirating so that illegal activity is increasingly difficult for embattled. Google seeks to destroy all the blogs that attempt to invite the visitors to take piracy.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement which is most easily found is software piracy and works of art such as a song or movie. For the creator, this action will be greatly harmful because it would reduce the profit from the sale of a work of art. Gradually their creativity became low and reluctant to create new works. Google is trying to avoid this piracy action intensity as minimum as possible and one of the most powerful way is by removing blogs that contain pirated content.

Mixed content

Blog with diverse contents will probably make more visitors interested in visiting it in the future. Many bloggers prefer to mix the content of blog because they have a lot of things to be written. Google on the other hand does not want the blog. Even though the blog has a lot of positive feedback from visitors and the daily traffic is high enough, Google will still give a penalty against the blog. When your blog gets bigger, and then consider picking one topic for your blog so that you can avoid this removal.

Blogs with one topic could be realized if you have an expertise or a broad knowledge of a particular field. Take one example. If your hobby is gardening, then you can write all the things related to the plant. Content such as this is more interesting because visitors will see that you are an expert in a particular field. Google gives more points to a blog that has a high authority which creates specific content and does not mix.

Illegal download

Illegal download is almost the same as piracy and it is not allowed by Google. Download other people’s work without permission and does not pay royalties is a violation of the law and if this is the case, then the blog owners can be reported by the copyright holder. Illegal downloads have been decreased by blocking so many blogs which provide service to the visitor in getting other’s work illegally.

This offence actually can happen due to deliberate action such as blogs which contains a tutorial for pirating software or it could be because of an accident such as creating blogs with mixed content. So you don’t get stuck with black hat SEO and a variety of other violations, read carefully all the points on the term of service of Google. A lot of bloggers do not want to take the time to read this provision so that if the blog is blocked, they cannot do anything about it.